23 - 24 October 2018 / Šamorín, Slovakia
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23 - 24 October 2018
Šamorín, Slovakia
CEE Automotive Supply Chain 2018

CEE Automotive Supply Chain 2018

Mega trends and real needs in automotive sector

Key organizations of the Czech and Slovak automotive industry are inviting their members and all European players of the automotive industry to join the CEE Automotive Supply Chain 2018, second year of conference, exhibition and b2b brokerage event organized alternately in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

This event combines conference & networking evening on the first day and B2B meetings on the second day, offering a contract oportunities for automotive professionals looking for partners in CEE region.

"The CEE Automotive Supply Chain brings together several hundred automotive professionals from the V4 countries who meet and engage in talks about new business. A personal meeting is essential for buyers and purchasers looking for new vendors and solutions. The event creates a platform of opportunities for a wide range of suppliers, service providers and universities. What I value most, however, is the professional conference that takes place during the first day of the event, focusing on the supply chain and its future development and strategy presented by the big players. I am glad that again this year we have the honour to be one of the organizers of this unique event."

Alexander Matušek

Automotive Industry Association of  Slovak Republic

Join the biggest Slovak Automotive Matchmaking

Created to provide a great scope of leading experts and stakeholders of CEE automotive region with focus on the V4 countries (Czech republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) and Austria, the event is offering an unique opportunity to strengthen your position in the region.

Main topics:

  • Automotive industry
  • Automotive supply chain
  • Future requirements on suppliers
  • Quality in automotive industry
  • Logistics in automotive industry
  • Primary production parts sales

CEE Automotive Supply Chain 2017 in numbers:

CEE Automotive Supply Chain 2017 in numbers

Who should participate?

Companies active in the automotive sector or companies interested in becoming part of the supply chain. Especially from the following sectors: 

  • Automotive parts and components
  • Systems and modules
  • Automotive IT
  • Automotive automation
  • Production and service
  • Automotive R&D

Why to participate?

  • Get inspired by professionals from the industry
  • Find potential commercial and technology partners
  • Present, discuss and develop new project ideas at international level
  • Promote your products, technology and know-how
  • Initiate cross-border contacts

How does it work?

  • Register and publish your company information
  • Send meetings requests to selected participants of your choice and manage your meetings
  • You will receive your meeting schedule several days before the event

Why to Attend?

Find below some comments of last year delegates and why they encourage the participation at this very important event.

Denisa Brighton, CEO, British Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic “This event has been great. All the key players in automotive and associative industries together under one roof created an opportunity for a dialog, for sharing a common issues and finding solutions to these problems.”

Guido Glania, executive board member, Slovak German Chamber of Industry and Commerce  "This event is really important because it brings together established OEMs and many companies from supply chain both in Slovakia but also in neighbouring countries. It offers new business opportunities because it makes people meet, sharing information and expectations of the partners. And I think specially in this time when we have lots of challenges in automotive sector, new development, new engines, new business model, it is really important to have this kind of partnerships being established and have really profound conversation about challenges and opportunities.” On the first day, the participants learned a lot about the new trends in the automotive industry which we are facing at the moment.One of the most valued was Abel Carrillo's lecture from Impulse Logistics, which explored the theme of industry 4.0. He gave a more detailed view of how this megatrend will hit the development of cars. Frank Schlehuber of CLEPA, the European Association of Car Suppliers, also spoke about the latest trends, not only in the development of automotive production but also in changes in the spare parts market.

Róbert Šimončič, SARIOFor SARIO is important to build supply chain as one of our key tasks. We care not only about the extent of this chain; also we care about profundity and quality. Therefore such eventsare in the main focus, because communication between manufacturers and suppliers is very practical and intensive. It is important for suppliers to pick up the next trends to be prepared for future.” Three car maker representatives - Kia, VW and PSA - allowed the participants to look into their kitchen and talk about their own procurement processes.

Kyuchul Choi, director, Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, Bratislava (KOTRA) “The automotive industry is undergoing a very big change from traditional combustion engines to electric motors, autonomous cars, robotic vehicles and so on. This means that lower suppliers are getting more important than they have ever been. Through this event can meet car producers and large TIER 1 and 2 suppliers who know each other and they satisfied the new demand of customers. I would like to emphasize that the communication between OEM and TIER 1 and TIER 2 should shift from the vertical to the horizontal. This means that the supplier is no longer just a supplier but should be more a partner rather than a supplier” The number of participants considered the most important part of the event to meet new partners and look for new contacts not only during the networking evening, but also on the second day of the event, when they had scheduled business meetings with other participantsin advance.A total of 669 meetings were arranged at 15 minute intervals at 50 negotiating tables.

Juraj Sinay, former president, Automotive Industry Association of the Slovak Republic “We created the platform for about 400 people to meet. They could meet and explain each other theirpotentials, which they as small and medium enterprises have and can offer to bigger companies especially to group of biggest suppliers TIER 1. So they can become effective part of the supply chain.”

Martina Le Gall Maláková, president, French-Slovak chamber of commerceOn my opinion the very important message of this event is that we joined together. I hope we will also join in the future and will positively influence the business environment in Slovakia and in the region as well.

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